Dog Handles

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UMC’s Dog Handles are industry standard. They are available in Bronze, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and Galvanized Steel with or without a zerk fitting.
Feature Description
UMC’s Dog Handles feature 3/4 – 10 UNC-2B threads.
Dog Handles are used in conjunction with Tumble Bolts on UMC’s raised watertight hatches and ullage hatches for securing hatch covers.

Model Number Part Number Description Material Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.) Autocad PDF/DXF/XML
UMC-39-ST 01240-302A Steel Dog Handle Mild Steel 1.5 (.68)
UMC-39-B 01240-302B Bronze Dog Handle Bronze 1.6 (.73)
UMC-39-SS 01240-302C Stainless Steel Dog Handle Stainless Steel 1.5 (.68)
UMC-39-GAL 01240-302D Galvanized Dog Handle Galv. Steel 1.5 (.68)
UMC-39-ST-Z 01240-312A Steel Dog Handle w/ Zerk Steel 1.5 (.68)
UMC-39-SS-Z 01240-312C Stainless Steel Dog Handle w/ Zerk Stainless Steel 1.5 (.68)
UMC-39-GAL-Z 01240-312D Galvanized Dog Handle w/ Zerk Galv. Steel 1.5 (.68)