Expansion Trunk

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    • UMC-464-5 Raised Watertight Hatch + UMC-144-5 Ullage welded to the top of the Trunk.
    • Tumble Bolts – Bronze
    • Dog Handles – Steel
    • Gasket – Nitrile
Feature Description
Other gasket material available upon request.
Various hardware options available:
– Steel, Stainless Steel, & Bronze Dog Handles (available with or without grease fittings).
– Bronze & Stainless Steel Tumble Bolts.
– Lug Bolts and nuts made from dissimilar metals to prevent galling and corrosion.
Flame screens available upon request (sold separately).
Expansion trunks are typically found on tank barges. They are commonly used to access cargo compartments for venting, filling, and inspecting.
Steel (ASTM A36)
Painted Primer Grey
Model Number Part Number Description Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.) Autocad PDF/DXF/XML
UMC-470 03800-140A 42×24 Expansion Trunk w/ UMC-174-5 / 464-5 540 (245)