Flush T-Bolt

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    • T-Bolt – Stainless Steel
    • Thread Block – Brass
    • Strongback – Galvanized Steel
    • Gasket – Nitrile Rubber
    • Washer – Brass
    • T-Bolt Gasket – Nitrile Rubber
    • Cotter Pin – Stainless Steel
    • Meets ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) requirements for design and materials.
UMC’s Stainless Steel hatches are the perfect option for an enclosure in a harsh and caustic environment. Our stainless hatches are fabricated using high quality corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel that maintains excellent weld-ability to the deck of your vessel. We offer various Oval and Round Stainless Hatches that are raised or flush.
Stainless T-Bolt hatches are typically found along the gunnels of a barge as well as on the bow/ stern and on top of cargo compartments or tanks. They are used to access wing tanks, the rake compartment, cargo compartments etc. for venting, filling, and inspecting.
304 Stainless Steel

Model Number Part Number Description Clear Opening In. (mm) Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.)
UMC-430-18-SS 01210-101S Flush 18″ T-Bolt Hatch (Stainless Steel) 18″