Panama Chock | 12 x 18 | Cast Steel

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UMC’s Panama Chocks are the perfect solution for mooring applications. They are made from ASTM A27 cast steel and are built to withstand the toughest conditions.
Feature Description
UMC’s Panama Chocks are sold as-cast with no surface paint or finish to maintain quick, easy and safe weld-ability to the bulwark of any vessel.
Panama Chocks are designed specifically to guide mooring lines on deck. They act as a guide to feed a line or wire in a particular direction while minimizing chaffing. They are typically welded to the bulwark of a vessel.
ASTM A27-70-36 Cast Steel

Model Number Part Number Description SWL (ton) Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.)
UMC-S66-1218 08372-303A Panama Chock 12×18 66 858 (389)