Raised Single Bolt Hatch

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    • Hex Head Bolt – Stainless Steel
    • Keeper Chain – Galvanized Steel
    • Hinge Pins – Steel
    • Cotter Pins – Stainless Steel
    • Washer – Brass
    • Washer Gasket – Neoprene
    • Hatch Gasket – Neoprene
    • Meets ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) requirements for design and materials.
This industry standard steel enclosure features a strongback style design and is operated by a single 7/8” stainless steel bolt. Its easy operation facilitates convenient use while providing a secure hatch.
Feature Description
Stainless steel bolt and steel strongback provide dissimilar metals to prevent galling and ensure trouble free operation.
Neoprene gaskets ensure water tight design.
Galvanized keeper chain ensures covers stay attached and never get lost.
Raised single bolt hatches are typically found along the gunnels of a barge as well as on the bow/ stern and on top of cargo compartments or tanks. They are used to access wing tanks, the rake compartment, cargo compartments etc. for venting, filling, and inspecting.
Steel (ASTM A36)
Painted Primer Grey

UMC-540-20 Steel Hatch with Stainless Steel Hardware
Model Number Part Number Description Clear Opening In. (mm) Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.) Cutout Dimension in. (mm)
UMC-540-1775 08380-101A Raised 20″ Round Single Bolt Watertight Hatch 17.75″
UMC-540-1975 08381-101A Raised 22″ Round Single Bolt Watertight Hatch 19.75″