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UMC® offers a wide range of Roller Buttons for any deck application. Our Roller Buttons range in size from a 6″ throat diameter to a 20″ throat diameter and feature roller sheaves made from ASTM A27 cast steel or hot rolled and fabricated high strength steel plate. These Roller Buttons are built to withstand the toughest conditions.
Feature Description
UMC’s cast steel Roller Buttons are sold painted primer grey and feature grease fittings for continued smooth operation.
Roller Buttons are designed primarily for changing the direction of a line or wire while minimizing chaffing. They are typically placed on the pushboat/ towboat or the line deck of a barge.
ASTM A27-70-36 Cast Steel

Model Number Part Number Description Throat Diameter in. (mm) Throat Radius in. (mm) Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.)
UMC-100 08672-152A 15″ Roller Button 9.25 (235) 1.56 (39.6) 235 (107)