Panama Bulwark | 10 x 21 | Stainless Steel

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UMC’s Panama Bulwarks are the perfect solution for mooring applications. The UMC-S150-1021 is made from cast 316 stainless steel and built to withstand the toughest conditions.
Feature Description
UMC’s Panama Bulwarks are sold as-cast with no surface paint or finish to maintain quick, easy and safe weld-ability to the bulwark of any vessel.
Panama Bulwarks are designed specifically to guide mooring lines on deck. They act as a guide to feed a line or wire in a particular direction while minimizing chaffing. They are typically welded to the bulwark of a vessel.
316 Cast Stainless Steel

Model Number Part Number Description SWL (ton) Weight Total Lbs (Kgs.)
UMC-S150B-1021 08373-308A SS Panama Bulwark 10×21 150 1683 (763)